Best TV For 2020

The best high-end T.V. for the money and image is the LG OLEDB9P Series. These T.V.s are the best for picture quality since they use a light emitting diode technology to deliver a better contrast ratio. This also improves viewing angles, and a wide color gamut. The LG OLEDB9P is also gamer friendly. This type of T.V.  comes with a variable refresh rate and an automatic low latency mode (aka game mode). These T.V’s are not cheap but are totally worth the cost. $1,897

The best alternative to the OLED is the Vizio p- Series Quantum X. If the OLED is too expensive but you still want a higher end product, the Vizio is perfect. The Vizio PX has superb light output with top-notch local dimming and high contrast do not hurt this T.V.s outstanding picture quality. This series is still a little on the more expensive side running around $1,400, but a great buy none-the-less.

The best value for a premium brand is the Samsung Q70R Series. This series is a fancy smart LCD T.V. The Q70R has a good picture with the sleek Samsung design, giving it higher price but still worth the cost at $1398.

The next best TV for the money is the Vizio M8 Series Quantum. The M Quantum series has good picture quality with deep blacks and accurate color. These TVs also have very good 4K HDR performance. The smart system that comes with the TV is phone friendly with Google Cast and Apple AirPlay control. Being a good quality TV puts the cost at $900.

The best T.V. for the money period is the TCL 6 Series, no other T.V. offers this picture quality for the cost. The full-array local dimming is what help this series surpass the others in this race. These also have the Roku T.V. operating system which is a favorite among most people. These T.V.s are cheaper and are the best bang for your buck at $700.

Other stuff to know about buying a new TV

Any of the TVs above are great deals but a new set can be a big investment. If you are looking for more information, here is a quick tip list:

  • This year’s model TVs will start to go on sale in November and their prices will continue to lower through the spring.
  • New model TVs will come out in the Spring. Because they are the newest technology, they won’t stay on the shelves for long.
  • Big TVs have never been so cheap. Your money is better spent on larger screen sizes than a mild upgrade in image quality.
  • If you are not a fan of built-in smart TV systems, adding a media streamer is always an option. External media streamers are cheap and easy to use.
  • On average, most built-in speakers are poor quality. It is widely considered worth it to pair your new TV with a soundbar or another speaker system. Good ones can be a little as $100.