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                Elon Musk is a name you may have heard of in recent weeks. At the time of the writing of this article, he is currently making headlines every day in his battle to take over Twitter.

                For the past decade or so, superhero movies have been all the rage in pop culture dominating the movie scene from Spiderman to Batman. However, despite superheroes occupying so many people’s imaginations, we’ve never really seen

                The current war in Ukraine is unlike anything the world has yet seen and one of the defining characteristics of the conflict is the cyber warfare taking place. Even before the war began, many people were

                In the few weeks since Russia began its invasion of Ukraine, the US and other countries around the world have already felt shockwaves ripple through their economies via rising pump costs and rising food prices. In

                The tragic invasion of Ukraine in these past few weeks is shaping up to be much different than any other invasion the world has yet seen. The digital age that we are now in has enabled

                Artificial Intelligence has long been imagined by sci-fi films and TV shows such as Terminator, The Matrix, Battlestar Galactica, and West World. One famous story that turned a lot of heads was an experiment conducted by

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I'll be going on Mission 16 to the Toledo District in Belize to take school supplies to schools in need.  This will be my 8th Mission with Rotary and Resource Centers International, and my 7th Mission to

                Being tagged in a photo on Facebook was a great new way of preserving and organizing memories since the beginning of the company in 2005. Facebook’s facial recognition technology, even then, had the ability to observe

                We have discussed in many other blog posts how the COVID 19 pandemic has pushed more of society online. One field of IT that has grown tremendously because of this push is cloud computing. Simply defined,

The past two years have been hard to process for a lot of people due to the pandemic that has brought about a more rapid shift in the technological landscape. As we process everything that’s happening, we