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Data Security

There is a saying about preparedness:

“Expect the best, prepare for the worst, take what comes.”

Modern businesses depend on computer systems to store and access their business-critical data. Unfortunately, these systems are vulnerable to threats such as human error, malware, and natural disasters. When business-critical data is lost or becomes inaccessible, the cost can be so devastating that the business may never recover. The good news is that Iler Networking & Computing can help you prepare and implement a disaster recovery plan so that you can avoid data loss and maintain business continuity.

Our industry-leading Worry-Free backup solution is the tool we use to ensure your data is safe. Worry-Free has both local and cloud backup functionality and is both HIPAA and NIST CSF compliant. Anything backed up to the cloud is encrypted and secured. Worry Free is also compatible with the major Server VM software Hyper-V and VMware and has the functionality to carry out Exchange, SQL, file, and full image backups.

If you are not a business owner and simply need a residential option, we have a solution for you too. Our partner Carbonite provides a reliable secure option for individuals. Click on the link to view available Carbonite plans.

We also help companies and individuals in purchasing the right local storage device for their specific needs. With years of experience picking out and buying the best NAS, SAN, or external device for our customer’s needs, we are happy to help provide you assistance in making an informed decision on the storage you need. For a custom backup plan or questions about any of the information listed above please contact us!

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