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Managed Services

Imagine life without IT worries. By choosing Iler Networking & Computing as your managed service provider (MSP), you can hand off the tedious ongoing IT tasks required to keep your business running smoothly.

Let us take responsibility to set up, maintain, and monitor your IT services for you. We keep an eye on things 24/7/365 providing the maintenance and updates needed to prevent problems. And if problems do arise, we can immediately address them remotely or on-site to minimize the impact on your operations. 

Our three assurance plans all have industry-leading software that will allow us to keep your network safe:  

Firstly, we offer an Antivirus to protect your computer from incoming and current threats by scanning received emails, downloads, and already installed programs. If it finds anything, all parties are immediately alerted, allowing us to act quickly.  

Secondly, our Remote Management & Monitoring tool alerts us to anything wrong with your IT systems. This allows us to address problems right away, sometimes before you even know they exist. Remote Management & Monitoring is especially helpful in tackling failing hardware that would cause expensive downtime if unchecked.  

Finally, our Remote Access Software allows us to access your computer at any time to immediately address any problems that arise. 

The last piece of software is a web filter that will block sites with inappropriate or unsafe content, unsafe downloads, and even connections being made to your computer in the background that it determines are dangerous. This can stop a hacker that has compromised your computer. 

If you are interested in our assurance plans, please call to find out more details about pricing and how the differences in each plan can work for your business. 

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