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  • 4 Tips for Composing Effective Business Emails.
  • Descriptive Subject Line

When writing an email, the subject line is meant to let your recipient know what the email is about before they open it. Keep this information short, but very informative as to what the email is about.

  • Proofread

How many times have you typed an email, sent it, then looked back to review and found errors? It is best to run a spell check a few times and proofread your message to ensure it is free of errors.

  • Keep it Focused

If you are in the middle of a complex email, it is a good idea to use bullets and/or numbers to break down your message into sections. This technique makes the email easier to read and a simple format for the recipient to reply without missing any requested information.

  • Email Signature

When working in a professional environment, signatures are a necessity. Signatures are usually composed of your name, title/business name, phone number, and website address. This gives the recipient information on who sent the message, while also providing an easy way to contact you, aside from responding to your email.