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A.I. Screening

by | May 7, 2020

A.I. Thermal Body Temperature Screening

A.I. temperature screenings are a must have due to COVID-19. There are multiple applications such as hospitals, subways, airports, schools, and much more. These cameras offer non-contact crowd screening offering quick access and eliminates crowd gathering, which helps reduce the spread of a virus.

A.I. Temperature cameras are such a good idea because they are easy to set up. A..I cameras are portable and have a 5-minute set up for anywhere. All you need is a computer, a tripod, and a power adapter. They are intelligent self-calibrating machines. These systems can collect face temperatures in different scenarios for self-learning. These also adjust the abnormal alarm threshold in real time by adapting to ambient temperature changes.

The Abnormal Alarm will go off when a person with a high or low temperature is detected. It will emit a buzzer and the face recognition frame will immediately be displayed in red for quick identification with the Auto Face Snapshot technology. They also offer clear cut statistics, recording the number of people screened and the number of abnormal temperatures recorded.

These same cameras can provide non-stop access with the facial recognition. This means people can just scan their face and go, no need to lineup for ID verification. This also gives face video and snapshots for an operator to track visitors.

Options for thermal temperature cameras include:

  • CAM-TH-F226 Thermal Camera
  • Ai-Base Thermal Camera (offers Facial access turnstiles)
  • Hike Vision DS-2TD2636B Thermographic Camera
  • Hike Vision DS-2TP21B Handheld Thermographic Camera

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