• Attention Small Business Owners: No other Tech Support company in Cleveland makes you this bold guarantee… My Technicians Will Show Up On Time And Answer All Of Your Questions In Plain English!

Listen.  It’s disgusting how some computer technicians treat you when you have a problem.  When you call, you end up talking to an answering machine… or worse, “voice mail”.

And when you talk to a live person, they don’t want to give you a real appointment.  They say “We’ll be there between 10 and 4”.  Even at that, a lot of them don’t show up at all.  Or even worse, they force you to talk to someone in a call center thousands of miles away before you can speak with someone that actually has a clue about being able to fix your problem.

But that’s not all.  When you are lucky enough to cut through all of their red tape and get a technician to show up, he can talk down to you and confuse you with techno babble, spend a few hours poking around in your system, never fix the problem or explain what’s wrong, and STILL charge you an arm and a leg…and as a final insult, act like he’s doing you a favor!

Enough Is Enough

I’m fed up with the bad image some lousy technicians are giving the rest of us.

That’s why over 20 years ago, Kent Iler started a “one company revolution” to give busy small business owners the opportunity to call a computer technician who will treat you with courtesy and respect, fix your problems right, and explain your options in plain English.

In fact, over 200 of Cleveland small business owners already trust us to support the technology that runs their business.