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                The first ransomware attack in history is a strange story. It was attempted by a man named Joseph Popp, a Harvard-educated evolutionary biologist who did AIDS research. Although his exact motivations were unclear, he went to

On April 29th, Colonial Pipeline was hacked by a ransomware attack. The incident shut the entire system down and in turn, led to long gas lines all along the East Coast. On May 30th, another ransomware attack

The State of California has ambitiously pledged that by 2040, all public transportation in the state will be electrically powered vehicles. The state is already making huge strides at this endeavor, as the city of Los Angeles

Encrypting Files Need to share a file but it has confidential information? The best way to do so is to encrypt the file or the file folder. The number one reason being that it keeps personal information

The future of items being delivered to your home without human contact is closer than we think. For the people of Christiansburg, Virginia, this is already a reality. Since October 2019, local Walgreens have been piloting a

Both of these platforms have gone through rapid development over the last few years leading to many features and fans on both sides. So how can one decide which is best? Let us first break down each

Do have a specific subject title: The clearer the subject, the more likely your email is going to be read. With hundreds of emails filling an inbox, a “to the point” subject lets the recipient know exactly

With the new year upon us, it is time to get things in order. Whether it be our finances, our general loves, or our fitness, we must try. What better way to get started than with some