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I'll be going on Mission 14 to the Stann Creek District in Belize to take school supplies to schools in need.  This will be my 7th Mission with Rotary, and we help between 20-25 schools with each

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This year at the Transform 2019 - GrayMatter’s annual Industrial Intelligence Conference - which took place at Put-In-Bay, Ohio, ransomware was the lead discussion. It is said that over the past decade energy, water and waste water

Here are some shortcuts that you can use to maximize your workflow to maintain an efficient Excel experience. General Program Shortcuts Press: Ctrl+N: To create a new workbookPress: Ctrl+S: To save a workbookPress: F12: To open the Save As

After going viral, users are being urged to delete FaceApp – the popular app that will take a photo and use several filters to adjust the image. The Russian-made app is posing security concerns due to the

Your CPU (Central Processing Unit) is the brain of your computer. If you’re into the PC gaming scene or have shopped for a new desktop or laptop within the last decade, you’re no stranger to the nomenclature;

A well-structured password is critical in protecting your security and identity while online. Two-factor authentication is a free feature which can be enabled on some of your most important accounts – banking, social media, etc. This technique

Over time, clutter begins to accumulate your hard drive. The main culprit (if you have mechanical hard drive) is fragmentation. Clearing these types of files can be critical to your system’s performance. Restarting your computer regularly (but

With the times becoming more and more digitized, we cannot often afford to avoid a medium that encompasses so much of our news and communication. The internet has become engrained into our culture, but despite the many

Researchers from Graz University of Technology have recently discovered a flaw in the microarchitecture of Intel’s chipset. ZombieLoad, which exploits a vulnerability in Intel’s hyperthreading technology as an attack vector, allows third party agents to execute code

Virtual Private Networks, or colloquially “VPNs”, are servers or a network of servers that are owned by a separate company from your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and act as a middleman between you and the connection to