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5 Reasons Why Companies Large And Small Are Rushing To Implement “E-mail Archiving” To Protect Themselves

Here’s an issue you may not have given much thought to, but that could become a major issue at some point: saving e-mail communications to employees and clients that contain company policy changes, contract changes, alerts or other critical communications.

So why not just save them in your inbox? Because eventually you’ll run out of space; and searching through hundreds of thousands of e-mails is not always a simple and easy task. Here are 5 BIG reasons why you need an e-mail archiving system:

  1. Compliance. While the e-mails and data subject to regulatory statutes varies by industry, ALL e-mails that contain employee and client records, contract negotiations, company policy changes and employee reviews and reprimands should be stored and archived for easy retrieval.
  2. Litigation Support. If you are ever sued, you may be ordered by the court to produce documentation to support your case; such documentation includes e-mails. Problem is, pulling e-mails off a tape drive backup can be a massive undertaking. In one such case, USB Bank had to pay an IT firm over $265,000 to pull e-mail communications previously sent.
  3. Free Up Storage Space. If you’ve ever had your e-mail stop working because you’ve exceeded your storage space, you know how frustrating this can be. Archiving eliminates this problem finally and forever.
  4. Improve Workflow Systems And Procedures. Another upside to e-mail archiving is your ability to search, document and organize information pertaining to servicing customers, delivering a product, sending out an RFP, selecting vendors, etc.
  5. Ease Of Finding E-mails. Let’s face it; we’ve all had the daunting task of trying to find an e-mail sent months ago. An e-mail archiving system would allow you to perform searches of both keywords and attachments to find e-mails in minutes – even seconds – rather than hours or days.

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