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With the COVID Pandemic still on the horizon, wearing facial masks is mandatory in most U.S. States. This mandating was put into place to help in preventing the spread of coronavirus. There is still much to learn about the coronavirus, but one thing we do know is that masks help keep the numbers down.

Here are five mask myths to be aware of.

Myth 1: COVID-19 is not real so why wear a mask

There have been more than 18 million confirmed cases of COVID-19 and over 715,000 deaths caused by the coronavirus across the world. And still there are those that believe the virus is a hoax or blown out of proportion.

If you are going out in public and being around people that are not a part of your household, please wear a mask. You or the other people could be sick without your or their knowledge.

Myth 2: Masks can be made of any material

With a group of people against the idea of wearing face masks, there are multiple sellers online that are offering mesh and lace masks for purchase. These sellers claim that the mesh and lace masks are more breathable. When in reality they are an open weave, and this does not trap large respiratory droplets that could contain the coronavirus.

The best masks to wear during a pandemic have a tight-knit cloth with a filter pocket to keep respiratory droplet in the mask. The best mask available to the public are the N95 respirators as they block 95% of particles. Unfortunately, during the pandemic, they have been hard to come by.

Myth 3: Only the sick should wear masks

Even when you are not experiencing symptoms, you could still have the illness. To prevent the transmission of the coronavirus, it is safest if everyone wears a mask. Wearing a mask creates a barrier that can trap droplets containing viruses that the wearer may cough or sneeze up. This means if the sick person coughs and is not wearing a mask and you are also not wearing a mask, your chances of getting sick as well increase.

Myth 4: You do not have to social distance when wearing a mask

People are wearing masks to reduce their chances of getting or spreading the coronavirus. However, the WHO states that the use of masks alone is not enough to provide the necessary amount of protection to not contract COVID-19.  Along with wearing a mask, you should keep practicing physical distancing, washing your hands frequently and avoiding touching your face. 

Myth 5: Masks will weaken your immune system

This myth comes from the belief that your immune system is strengthened by being exposed to bacteria and viruses. The American Lung Association stated that there is no scientific proof to this theory and also no proof that a mask weakens the immune system. On the other side of things, is someone gets COVID-19 and is even young and healthy, there is scientific proof that they can and generally do become very weak and ill and can account for the spread of the coronavirus.

If you are worried about leaving home, fear not! LG has just announced an air-purifying face mask. The mask will fit like all the other masks with loops to go around the ears and it will cover the mouth and nose. It will, however, contain two high quality HEPA filters that will remove at least 99.97% of particulates in the air. Though the price and release dates have yet to be announced, these air-purifying masks are sure to be game changer.

This mask will include an 820mAh battery powered fans and filters. LG claims that these fans will last roughly eight hours on low and two hours on high. In addition, the fan will adjust their speed as you breath in and out to make breathing feel natural.