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Hi, my name is Kent Iler, owner of Iler Networking & Computing, and I understand your dilemma…

You have someone you call whenever your computer network starts “acting up,” but you have a feeling deep down that they really aren’t doing the best job for you.

First off, it seems like they just can’t seem to make things work. Why do problems constantly crop up? After all, is it really THAT hard to make those darn computers work the way they’re supposed to? Then when you call for help, you get voicemail; and sometimes you have to call multiple times before you get someone to call you back. They don’t follow through on their promises, brush off your questions, or get so technical when they DO explain what’s going on, that you end up wishing you never asked in the first place. Kind of makes you wonder if they really know what they’re doing!

It Shouldn’t Be This Way!

How do I know your pain so well? Because these are the frustrations we hear from clients all the time when they hire us to take over the support and maintenance of their computer network. After all, most clients just want their computers to work, and they don’t want to spend a small fortune making that happen.

See What GREAT Computer Support Should Be…For FREE!

Since it’s Valentine’s Day and we’re feeling the “love,” we’d like to offer you 2 FREE hours of computer support to resolve any problem you’re having, or simply to perform a ‘health check’ on your network’s security and backup systems. There are no strings attached and no fine print, but you have to call us during the month of February

Why are we giving this away for free? Because we know that once you see how quickly we make your technical problems melt away, you’ll end up being a client for life and tell your friends about us too!

Call Before February 28th To Claim Your Two Free Hours Of Support: 440-322-4537