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I’ll be going on Mission 14 to the Stann Creek District in Belize to take school supplies to schools in need.  This will be my 7th Mission with Rotary, and we help between 20-25 schools with each trip.  We send a 40′ container down with books, chairs, tables, computers, book shelves, play mats, and toys.

Belize’s main sport is soccer (football to them), and the schools have very little money to buy soccer balls.  We have been taking the mission soccer balls with us for many years.  The picture shows my daughters holding the mission soccer balls from our trip in 2015, and also last year in 2019.  You can see that these balls really last!  They are used all the time and they hold up very well.  The really great part is that they have the Gospel written all over it!   

The Mission Ball contains:
1) The 10 Commandments outlining God’s requirements and our sinful state.
2) God’s simple plan of salvation including our condition and Jesus’s sacrifice.
3) God’s Word demonstrating bible verses that point to our need for salvation.

There are over 1,400 words on The Mission Ball, over 700 of them are from specific scripture verses, while the others are transitional phrases.

We would like to take 60 soccer balls with us.  We can get them for $13 each, for a total of $780.  Shipping to us is $132, and then another $100 to get them to Belize.  The total cost is $1012.  

As of March 25, 2020, we have had $560/$1012 be contributed for the soccer balls! Thank you for those how have helped!

Please pray for our team while we will be traveling and working on this mission.  We also ask for prayer that these mission balls will be used to help bring many people to know Christ as their Lord and Savior!  Finally, we ask for your prayer for safety and protection from the coronavirus.  The original mission dates were March 19 – April 6, 2020 for this mission. Due to COVID-19 and the schools in Belize closing, we have postponed this trip until the fall. We hope COVID-19 is behind us by then, and we can continue the trip at that time without further delays.

If you are able, any contribution amount would be appreciated to help with the cost of these soccer balls.  I have already purchased them so we will be sure to have them for the mission!

For more information on past missions, you can visit

God bless!

–Kent Iler

Sidney (on the left) is holding a Mission Ball from our mission in 2015, while Sarah (on the right) is holding a new Mission Ball that we brought down in 2019. These are used all the time, and you can see they hold up well!