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There are guidelines to social media posting of course and that is what we are here to discuss. The rules and etiquette of social media. Let’s start with a few reminders, not rules, just reminders – Everything you post is timestamped; this means that your boss may see your post from when you were supposed to be in a meeting. As much fun as posting and tagging and sharing is, don’t forget to put down your phone and pay attention to the real world and the real people in front of you.

Now for the two rules of All social media:

The first rule for all social media is Consider how others will feel when reading your posts.

Rule number two happens to help with number one: Everything you post is public and permanent.

Each platform has different rules. They can get confusing so it is understandable that you may make a few mistakes. Let’s go over a few of them starting with Facebook.

Facebook is a tough one, the nature of the platform is to post about yourself all the time but try not to troll from sympathy or compliments. Sure, we all want that confidence boost and affirmation but posting selfies 24/7 is not okay. Try to not to post too frequently, period. On the flip side, when posting pictures of other people, be sure to post flattering ones. Even if you wouldn’t mind having a picture of you cramming cake in your face posted online does not mean everyone else is. Just be courteous. Also be specific. Stop the vague cries for attention like “hospitals sucks” or “yay it happened” or even just the sad emoji. Be serious and specific.

With crazy pictures of yourself online, be careful who send friend requests too. Do not send them to your employer or a client. You do not want them “ga-ga-gooing” over your newborn or liking the “party pics” from a year ago. Things like that reduce your credibility. Another thing to reduce credibility is synced games. No one wants to see them or get spam like invites for candy crush saga. Just stop.

Moving on to Twitter!

Don’t be boring. Unless you are a billionaire, a well-known genius, or Kate Middleton, your mundane thoughts are probably not worth posting. Emphasis on the word mundane, if something exciting happened or you have big news, go ahead! Post away. Do keep in mind, anyone anywhere can and probably will see your posts. With so many people being able to see your posts, it is unnecessary to request retweets. Use the most of your character limit and post something worth retweeting.

Let’s take a 10 second look at Snapchat!

Number one, the pictures are not always 10 seconds, people can take screenshots of your pictures and then they are permanent. Sure, it’s against the snapchat rules to take screenshots, but there is no stopping it ether. So be aware of what you are sending! A nude selfie or a racist image could be kept for longer than the 10 seconds it was intended for. This being said, be the change you want to see. Don’t take screenshots of other people’s images either.

Last but not least, Instagram!

Please edit and limit your photos. Unless you are a professional photographer, no one wants to see 50 images of a cactus from your vacation to Arizona. If you are wanting to post photographer quality photos but still are not a photographer, give credit where it is due. That means no screen grabs, instead use a repost app and give proper credit. When giving credit, don’t overdue the hashtags. Actually, in all of your posts don’t overdue the hashtags. Overuse of the beloved # is a #petpeeve.

With that being said, enjoy social media. This post should not make you feel imprisoned, but relieved. Now you know what people think and feel when ready your posts. Now you know and that is what is most important. Another quick reminder of the two golden rules: 

Consider how others will feel when reading your posts. Everything you post is public and permanent.

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