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Security cameras have many advantages for both home and business owners. As camera technology continues to develop, it has become cheaper and easier to install security camera systems that have more practical capabilities than ever before. Increased use of high-resolution video increases the chance of being able to identify intruding criminals. Anyone thinking about intruding into a house is certainly aware of this and is less likely to steal something when they know the risks of being identified.  Camera batteries for security cameras last much longer now. Some can last as long as 2 years! Further, with smart devices such as Amazon Alexa and apps such as Google Assistant, security camera systems have become even easier to set up and maintain even from the convenience of your own computer or smart device. Given the practicalities, the lower costs, and the ease of use, we strongly urge both homeowners and business owners to seriously consider getting security cameras installed.

                For homeowners, security cameras have many uses aside from keeping the house safe from robbery. As previously mentioned, with devices such as Amazon Alexa and apps like Google Assistant, it is easier than ever to maintain home security yourself from your computer or smart devices. It is so easy, in fact, that many people have found that they can monitor their homes and even their businesses themselves without needing professional monitoring. Many security systems offer do-it-yourself monitoring because of this. In fact, some security camera companies offer do-it-yourself monitoring exclusively. While at work, parents can access their security cameras from their devices to check up on their children or pets. With the SmartThings app, homeowners can streamline their security system all from one app so that they can manage things like lighting, surround sound, and more along with their security camera systems.

                Business owners can also find many benefits to having security cameras besides the obvious benefits of keeping their money and items safe. Having security cameras is also helpful for keeping workplace harassment in check. A security camera is not only able to capture an act of harassment, but it is also likely to dissuade workers from committing harassment in the first place given that they know that they are being recorded. As previously mentioned, the increased availability of high-resolution cameras presents many benefits, another one being the increased ability to identify actions that have taken place. Cameras can also resolve disputes between people by showing what actually happened during an incident in question. A false liability claim against your company can be debunked with footage that shows the truth of the matter. Having security cameras, in the long run, can also help companies save money. Many insurance companies offer cheaper plans for companies if they have a security camera system in place. Saving money and headaches are compelling reasons for any business owner to consider putting security camera systems in place.

                There are many options to choose from when thinking about what Security Camera system is right for you. One of the biggest points of consideration for homeowners is choosing between a month-to-month contract or an annual subscription for security camera services. One of the biggest points of consideration for business owners is choosing between do-it-yourself monitoring and professional monitoring for security camera services. Iler Networking and Computing is happy to help you with picking the right security camera system for you. We have proven experience installing and maintaining security camera setups for groups such as landscaping companies, church groups, and warehouses. Please feel free to reach out to us at 440-322-4537 for advice on finding a security camera system that is right for you.