3 Easy Ways To Go GREEN

Since March is the “wearing of the green” month with St. Patty’s day, this month’s tip is all about “going green” with your office to not only cut down on waste and environmental pollution, but also save you money on utilities, overhead and IT services. Here are 3 simple ways to do this:

  1. Go Virtual! Desktop virtualization (sometimes called client virtualization) is a process of replacing your expensive, power-sucking computer workstations with a less expensive “thin-client” option. This not only cuts down on the power needed (and your electric bill), but also reduces hardware and maintenance costs because these systems are much easier to maintain. Best of all, you won’t notice any difference in how you use your PC!
  2. Go Paperless! Why keep printing, filing and shuffling all of those paper documents around when document management systems are so easy and inexpensive to implement? Not only does going paperless cut down on paper and ink (saving you money while cutting down on waste), but it’s also far easier to file, find and share documents. Plus the chances of an important document getting lost or stolen are greatly reduced.
  3. Go Remote! Working from home, even a day a week, will cut down on gas and emissions. Some businesses are moving to a complete remote workplace where everyone is working from home, saving them a ton of money on rent, utilities and overhead. In fact, most of our computer repair and support is delivered to our clients remotely thanks to our assurance services plan.

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