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How To Get Your Computer Cleaned, Repaired And Running Like New For FREE

by | Jan 1, 2011

January is national “Clean Up Your Computer” month. So to celebrate, we’re offering a FREE computer network clean up to all the small business owners in our area to introduce our services to them and help them start the New Year with a fresh, fast start. At no cost or obligation, we’ll come onsite to:

  • Scan and remove unwanted spyware that slows down your Internet browsing, fuels unwanted pop ups and ads, and tracks and reports your online Internet usage to others without your knowledge or consent.
  • Remove unnecessary files and programs that are taking up disk space and causing your PC to hang up and run painfully slow (Note: we will NOT remove anything until we check with you. Most of these programs are trial software programs that came with the PC that you don’t even know you have, yet are slowing things down).
  • Scan for viruses or double check your network’s security against hackers, new viruses and unauthorized access. We’ll also make sure you have the latest security patches installed, up-to-date anti-virus protection and a working firewall to shield you from cyber criminals.
  • Perform a series of system checks to help you clean up, speed up and organize your files for faster performance and more accurate backups.

Once completed, we’ll give you a detailed report on what we discovered and any recommendations we have for further securing and speeding up your computer network. There is no obligation to hire us to do any additional work; but if we do uncover a few issues that need to be addressed, we’ll give you an honest, flat rate fee in writing. And as always, our work comes with a 100% money-back guarantee; if you aren’t thrilled with any service we perform, you won’t pay a dime.

To Claim Your FREE Computer Network Clean Up, Go To This Web Site Now: Or Call Us At:440-322-4537.  HURRY! This Offer Expires On January 31,2011! 

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