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Business Alert: Are You Making This Crucial Mistake With E-mail?

5 Reasons Why Companies Large And Small Are Rushing To Implement “E-mail Archiving” To Protect Themselves Here’s an issue you may not have given much thought to, but that could become a major issue at some point: saving e-mail communications to employees and clients that contain company policy changes, contract changes, alerts or other critical…
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Have You ‘Fallen Out Of Love’ With Your Computer Consultant?

Hi, my name is Kent Iler, owner of Iler Networking & Computing, and I understand your dilemma… You have someone you call whenever your computer network starts “acting up,” but you have a feeling deep down that they really aren’t doing the best job for you. First off, it seems like they just can’t seem…
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FREE: “Disaster Recovery Audit Reveals How Quickly Your Business Could Be Back Up and Running After A Natural Disaster, Server Crash, Virus Attack, Or Other Data-Erasing Catastrophe”

Let’s face it…writing a disaster recovery plan is probably NOT one of your top New Year’s resolutions – but you can’t argue that it IS one of those “important, not urgent” action items that (unfortunately) gets pushed to the back burner. That’s why I want to make it easy for you to finally get your…
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