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Declare Freedom From Oppressive IT Costs! Want An Easy Way To Save Thousands On Computer Hardware, Software And IT Support While “Going Green?” Read On…

by | Jul 1, 2010

No business owner likes to write hefty checks for computer hardware, software and support – but until recently, there weren’t any other options. Now, thanks to new advancements in “virtualization,” you can drastically reduce your out of pocket expenses on IT without sacrificing speed, performance, or security.

Desktop virtualization (sometimes called client virtualization) is a process of replacing your complex, power-sucking, expensive workstation with a much less expensive “thin-client” workstation that requires very little power or maintenance to operate.

Thousands of businesses are rapidly trading in their overblown, traditional PCs for virtualized desktops because of the incredible cost savings in hardware, software and maintenance. Plus it offers instant disaster recovery, the ability to securely work from home or on the road AND it drastically reduces the amount of power needed, making it far more environmentally friendly. Here are just a few of the reasons why you’ll want to virtualize your desktops:

  • Instantly drop your overall IT expenses (hardware, software, maintenance and power) by 50% or more.
  • Get 2-3 more years out of the hardware you DO purchase. Traditional PCs require replacement every 3 years, whereas a virtualized desktop can last up to 5 or 6.
  • Have new employees set up within hours instead of days.
  • Automatic disaster recovery and protection from fire, flood, theft, viruses and other natural disasters.
  • Instant remote access to your e-mail and files from home or on the road.
  • Save on electricity (cutting costs and going green), but also reduce the amount of equipment cluttering up landfills.
  • Easier to maintain which means lowered IT support costs.

This 4th of July, declare FREEDOM from oppressive IT costs with desktop virtualization!

Call us for a FREE cost savings analysis of replacing or upgrading your current network to a virtualized office. Absolutely no cost or obligation!

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