• How To Keep Your Computer Network Up, Running, And Problem FREE

Are you frustrated with on-going computer problems – slow machines, error messages, viruses, spyware, printers not working, applications crashing, and other issues that drive you nuts? If so, then I’d like to show you a way to completely ELIMINATE those problems from cropping up, finally and forever…and it won’t cost you a dime.

The Best Way To Deal With A Computer Problem
Is To PREVENT It From Happening In The First Place

Did you know that practically 99% of all computer crashes, downtime, viruses, and other problems could have been prevented or completely avoided? That’s because computers need regular maintenance to run fast and clean – but most people just use their PCs day in and day out and never think about this critical maintenance UNTIL something stops working. By then, the damage is often done and you end up with unexpected downtime and possibly even lost data, identity theft, and expensive repair bills.

Our FREE AVG Manage Work Place Will Show You How    

As a special offer during the month of September, we want to give all new prospective clients a FREE 90-day trial of our AVG Manage Work Place to show you how we can help PREVENT computer problems from happening. Here’s what’s included with this free service:

  • FREE 24/7 Monitoring Of Your Network. We’ll monitor your network’s “vital signs” to look for hidden problems such as a tape backup not working, a hard drive about to fail, a critical security update that wasn’t applied correctly, and dozens of other potential system failures. If we find something, we will alert you immediately so you can fix issues BEFORE they turn into bigger, more expensive problems.
  • FREE E-mail Alerts. This works like a security monitoring system in your home or office and will allow us to notify you of an unknown virus attack, hacker invasion, or other security breach so you can immediately take action to protect yourself.
  • Instant “On-Demand” Computer Support And Repairs. If you choose to have us resolve an issue we uncover (and you’re under no obligation to), we can diagnose and fix most problems directly over the Internet via a secure, private connection while you watch! No more waiting around for a technician to show up. Plus we’ll give you a special “new client” preferred rate for any repairs or updates you’d like us to do.

For more information and to sign up for your FREE 90-day trial, call us at 440-322-4537 or go to