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  • FREE: Call Us On Or Before October 31st And We’ll “Exorcise” The Viruses, Hackers, Spyware, And Other Computer Gremlins Slowing Down The Computers In Your Office!

Are the computers in your office slow, crashing, and freezing up? Are you haunted by pop ups and spam? Is your PC acting so weird that you think it’s possessed? If so, these are all signs of an ill-maintained computer that’s been infected with a virus or spyware program. If left alone, it will evolve into a much bigger and more expensive problem than you bargained for!

We’ll Get Your Computer Network Up,
Running Fast And Problem Free!

Since Halloween is right around the corner, we’d like to give you a comprehensive diagnostic service call (a $297 value) absolutely FREE! At no cost or obligation, we’ll come to your office and run a series of diagnostic tests. We will:

  • Run a virus, spyware, and malware scan
  • Check critical firewall and security settings
  • Check the integrity and reliability of your data backup
  • Look for fragmented data, corrupted registry files, and unnecessary programs and services that would slow down performance
  • Check security updates and patches

Once this is complete, we’ll give your network a health score, review hidden problems, and give you a recommended action plan to resolve them quickly. Again, you are not obligated to hire us, but if you choose to, we can usually get started right away.

What To Do Now:

To claim your FREE diagnostic service call, go online to or call us at 440-322-4537. This offer expires on the witching hour (midnight) October 31st!