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Over time, clutter begins to accumulate your hard drive. The main culprit (if you have mechanical hard drive) is fragmentation. Clearing these types of files can be critical to your system’s performance. Restarting your computer regularly (but not too often!), can resolve performance issues but that alone may not do the trick. Often, there are processes running in the background that are consuming system resources which causes your device to run slowly. Another factor could be malware. These types of viruses are designed to damage or drain critical system resources, leaving your computer with minimal assets for the processes you want to run. Lastly, it is possible that your RAM (or lack thereof) may be hindering your computer’s speeds. Newer software or poorly optimized software can spring memory leaks which causes your computer to increase its page file (using the hard drive as memory) and leading to high disk usage/slow performance. In order to remediate this issue, it is advised that you add more RAM to your computer. The technicians here at Iler Networking and Computing have a wealth of knowledge at their disposal. We can resolve virtually any issues you have, call us today at 440-322-4537!