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A well-structured password is critical in protecting your security and identity while online. Two-factor authentication is a free feature which can be enabled on some of your most important accounts – banking, social media, etc. This technique adds one extra step to your login process but provides you with powerful protection against cyber crime. If a two-step authentication process isn’t the way you would like to protect your accounts and sensitive information, there are other methods to creating well-built passwords. Creating a password with at least eight characters and combinations of upper and lower case letters, numbers and keyboard symbols such as, &*()%$#@! are great ways to protect your accounts from hackers. Try to refrain from making your passwords, you or your family’s birthdays, family names, pets names, numerical sequences, the word “password”, your username or business name. Never send your password over email, recycle passwords, and don’t use the same password for two or more devices.  For more information on protecting your network and accounts from cyber criminals, give us a call today at 440-322-4537.