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VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a rapidly expanding service utilized by thousands of businesses worldwide. VoIP is a technology that uses the same lines that your internet data is transferred through as a medium for voice traffic. VoIP empowers businesses to circumvent the overhead of hiring a company or contractor to install entirely new phone lines throughout an office or building. VoIP supports conference calling, increases business throughput via enabling multiple channels (lines), allowing your business to accept more, high quality calls from both current and prospective clients. Businesses can also utilize an on-hold music or information system that reads pre-recorded lines to clients who are on hold, enabling you to advertise more of your services directly to your clients, increasing the likelihood that clients will choose to expand current services or add more on. VoIP also features call blocking, which stops spam calls from interrupting work flow or hindering customer satisfaction. VoIP also envelopes a voicemail service. Some VoIP providers even have mobile applications that you can tie to a personal (or work) mobile phone so you can answer calls to the office while you’re on the go! This article does not necessarily cover all the benefits of switching to VoIP. If you are interested in making the switch or have questions on which models would be best suited for your business or workplace, give us a call today at 440.322.4537 for a free consultation. Here at INC we hand pick our providers such as Jive, Ring Central and Nextiva for user friendliness, comprehensive configuration and ease of setup to get our clients the best and most reliable phone systems. We look forward to hearing from you!