Monthly Archives: May 2019

ZombieLoad – A Microarchitectural Data Sampling Vulnerability

Researchers from Graz University of Technology have recently discovered a flaw in the microarchitecture of Intel’s chipset. ZombieLoad, which exploits a vulnerability in Intel’s hyperthreading technology as an attack vector, allows third party agents to execute code on your machine without your knowledge or consent. While ZombieLoad cannot be remotely executed on your machine (meaning,…
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Virtual Private Networks (VPN) and Their Benefits

Virtual Private Networks, or colloquially “VPNs”, are servers or a network of servers that are owned by a separate company from your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and act as a middleman between you and the connection to your ISP. When you connect to the internet, you send data, or packets, from your computer to the…
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VoIP for your Business

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a rapidly expanding service utilized by thousands of businesses worldwide. VoIP is a technology that uses the same lines that your internet data is transferred through as a medium for voice traffic. VoIP empowers businesses to circumvent the overhead of hiring a company or contractor to install entirely new…
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