2019: Year of Ransomware

This year at the Transform 2019 - GrayMatter’s annual Industrial Intelligence Conference - which took place at Put-In-Bay, Ohio, ransomware was the lead discussion. It is said that over the past decade energy, water and waste water systems, food and agriculture, chemical, commercial facilities and transportation systems are among the top commonly targeted corporations for a ransomware attack. This year alone many high-profile cities in the United States have been targeted such as:

•     Lake City, Florida

•     Riviera Beach, Florida

•     The city of Baltimore

•     Cleveland Hopkins Airport, Ohio

•     Augusta, Maine

•     The city of Tallahassee

•     Albany, New York

•     Jackson County, Georgia

Cyber Crime continues to increase. It is critical to maintain proper backups, install software patches, utilize encryption, have a risk assessment in place, and monitor your systems constantly for any vulnerabilities. Call us today at 440.322.4537 for help implementing these techniques or for recommendations on how to better secure your network.