Monthly Archives: July 2019

Microsoft Excel Shortcuts

Here are some shortcuts that you can use to maximize your workflow to maintain an efficient Excel experience. General Program Shortcuts Press: Ctrl+N: To create a new workbookPress: Ctrl+S: To save a workbookPress: F12: To open the Save As dialog boxPress: Shift+F11: To insert a new worksheetPress: Shift+F9: To calculate active worksheets Press: Ctrl+Z: To undo an actionPress: Ctrl+Y: To redo an…
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FaceApp Security Concerns

After going viral, users are being urged to delete FaceApp – the popular app that will take a photo and use several filters to adjust the image. The Russian-made app is posing security concerns due to the terms of service giving them rights to access and use your data! Upon downloading this app, the user…
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CPU War: AMD vs. Intel

Your CPU (Central Processing Unit) is the brain of your computer. If you’re into the PC gaming scene or have shopped for a new desktop or laptop within the last decade, you’re no stranger to the nomenclature; i3, i5, i7 and the most recent – i9. If you’re not sure what these designations mean, check…
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