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If you want a much cheaper way to upgrade your network that is also more Through the power of Cloud Computing, imagine being able to replace your complex, power-sucking, expensive workstations and servers with a much less

The Internet and e-mail have become indispensable tools for business, but many companies are finding employees are using these tools as much or more for personal activities than job-related tasks.  In fact, many business owners have recognized

Listen.  It’s disgusting how some computer technicians treat you when you have a problem.  When you call, you end up talking to an answering machine… or worse, “voice mail”. And when you talk to a live person,

If you aren’t sure, or if you think it would only be a short period of time, read on. Below are 3 common, costly misunderstandings most business owners have about their data backup that give them a

Maybe it’s the constant problems that continue to crop up with your e-mail, printer, server, applications or other programs. Or maybe he takes a little bit too long to call back and then when you DO get

2012 has arrived! Have you made any New Year’s resolutions yet?         Besides resolving to spend more time with family and friends, getting fit, and getting organized, have you made any New Year’s resolutions for

Sound too good to be true? I assure you it’s not… There is a fast-growing trend among small and medium businesses that is drastically increasing productivity, cutting costs, and driving more profit to the bottom line. Is

If you are the owner or executive of a company with 10 to 80 PCs and are considering cloud computing or Office 365 to save money and simplify IT, it is extremely important that you get and

Are your office PCs slow, crashing and freezing up? Are you haunted by pop ups and spam? Is your PC acting so weird that you think it’s possessed? If so, these are all signs of an ill-maintained

Is e-mail communication the lifeline of your business?  Would your productivity grind to a halt if your e-mail was cut off for any time at all?  Are you tired of new hardware and software expenses and the